Brant Overhead Door Covid-19 Action Plan

Due to Covid-19 we are trying to eliminate as much person to person contact to slow the spread of the virus while still maintaining the able to service your door and the community.

When booking a service call with us, you can except that our technician will not go up to your front door and knock on the door or ring the doorbell, instead they will call you to notify you that we have arrived at your home or business we discuss how to enter the garage either throw the garage door if possible or a side door.

When discussing the work to be completed on your door this again will be done over the phone or in person but at a distances from one another.

When the work is completed no paperwork will be exchanged in person, rather an work order and invoice will be e-mailed.

For payment we encourage electronic forms such as E-transfer, Visa or MasterCard.

We will still be providing quotes, however we will again try to reduce person to person contact. When requesting a quote we will book an appointment for a few days out. Prior to that appointment time slot we will come out to your home and measure the door(s) from the exterior, and leave samples in the mail box. During the appointment this be done over the phone, we will review the sample left at our home and answer all your questions, we will provide you with pricing and follow up with emailing you the quote.

Our employees are also limited contact with one another to reduce the risk of a company wide shut down.

Serving Brant, Haldimand,
Norfolk & Oxford Counties